Cherry oh baby

{title: Cherry oh baby}
{artist: Eric Donaldson}
{x_UGNG_category: Reggae}

[B]Cherry oh, cherry [E]oh, ba[B]by,
Don't you know I'm in [F#]need of [B]thee?
If you don't be[E]lieve it's [B]true,
What have you left [F#]me to [B]do?

So long I've been waiting,
For you to come right in.
And now that we are together,
Please make all my joys come over.

[B]Oh.. -[E]-[B]-[F#]-[B]
Oh.. ----
Yeah.. ----
Yeah.. ----

Oh cherry, oh, cherry, oh, baby,
Don't you see I'm in love with you?
If you don't believe I do,
Then why don't you try me?

I will never let you down,
I will never make you wear no frown.
If you say that you love me madly,
Oh, babe, I will accept you gladly.

Oh.. ----
Oh.. ----
Yeah.. ----
Yeah.. ----