Fanta Diallo

{title: Fanta Diallo}
{artist: Alpha Blondy}
{x_UGNG_category: Reggae, Afrique}

Intro & Gimmick :
G   G   C   D  
       G          C
Sweet sweet Fanta Diallo
      D         G
ouh! ouh! Fanta Diallo
G   G   C   D  
ad lib.
Fanta walking on the rainbow now!
Fanta shivering in moon light waves
Fanta hogging on the mountain top
Fanta kissing me on the burning rock
Sweet sweet Fanta Diallo
ouh! ouh! Fanta Diallo

One day, one day Fanta flee away
with the sun
one day, one day, Fanta ,melt away
under the sun
one day, Fanta flee away
with the sun
over and over I guess
she melt away under the sun
again and again
I keep on wondering
where she's gone
the last time I saw her,
psychiatric hospital
Now I know that I did you wrong
Yes I love you rainbow
And I love you rainbow ray
please help me rainbow
you got to lead me rainbow