Samba de verao

{title: Samba de verao}
{artist: Marcos Valle}
{x_UGNG_category: Samba}

INTRO : [D7+9] A/13 A#/13 

[D7+9]Someone to hold [A/13]me tight  
[D7+/9]That would be very [A/13]nice  
[G#m7]Someone to love me right 
[C#7/b9]That would be very nice  
[Bm/G]Someone to understand  
[G6]Each little dream in me  
[Gm6]Someone to take my hand and be a team with me  

[F#m7]So nice [B7/b9]      life would be so nice [Em7/9]      [C#m7/b5]        
[F#7/#5]If one day I'd f[Bm7/9]ind   [E7]   
Someone who would take my hand  [Em7/9]      
And samba through life with me[A#7]          [A7]   

[D7+/9]Someone to cling [A/13]to me  
[D7+/9]Stay with me righ[A/13]t or wrong  
[G#m7]Someone to sing to me  
[C#7/b9]Some little samba song  
[Bm/G]Someone to take my heart  
[G6]And give his heart to me  
[Gm6]Someone who's ready to give love a start with me  

[F#m7]Oh yeah  [B7/b9]     that would be so nice    [Em7/9]      [A7/13]      
[D7+]I could see you [A/13]and me, that woul[D7+/9]d be    nic[A/13]e     [D7+/9]