{title: Valerie}
{artist: Amy Winehouse}

Well some[Emaj7]times I go out by myself and I look across the w[F#m7]ater
And I t[Emaj7]hink of all the things,
what you're doing and in my head I make a p[F#m7]icture

'cos s[Amaj7]ince I've come on home, well m[G#m]y body's been a mess
And I've mi[Amaj7]ssed your ginger hair and t[G#m]he way you like to dress
[Amaj7]Won't you come on[G#m] over stop making a fool out [B]of me
Why won't you come on over V[Emaj7]alerie? Va[F#m7]lerie?

Did you h[Emaj7]ave to go to jail, put your house up for s[F#m7]ale,
did you[Emaj7] get a good lawyer?
I hope you didn't catch a tan              [F#m7]    
I hope yo[Emaj7]u find the right man who'll fix it up for ya[F#m7]    
Are you[Emaj7] shoppin' anywhere,
changed the colour of your hair, are you b[F#m7]usy?
And did y[Emaj7]ou have to pay the fine                [F#m7]    
you were [Emaj7]dodging all the time are you st[F#m7]ill dizzy